Aging Well?



What does “Aging Well” even mean? Of course, it means different things for different people. There may be commons themes such as feeling healthy, being financially secure, continuing your life’s work, having leisure time or working less, and certainly always growing.  I turn 36 next week and for the last 7 years I’ve been in graduate school (part-time) to figure out this aging thing.  What happens as we get older? How do I get to 95 healthy in mind, body, and spirit? How do we take care of our family members given the challenges some face? What does the Age Wave mean to us? I figure these are pragmatic questions that may help others.  In this blog I will look at topics such as caregiving of parents and spouses, dementia, death, research, philosophy, economics, healthy living, and more. If I can help just one person- make that three people- this blog will be worth it. Let’s go.